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What Is OverSeeIt?

At Bears home Inspection, LLC we understand the importance of having a qualified representative on your side during a residential construction project. Our Certified Master Inspector has extensive experience in the building industry and is dedicated to ensuring that your project is done right. We identify deficiencies early on, so you can be confident that you’re getting the work you paid for and that any issues are addressed before the project is completed. By putting our clients first, we provide greater accountability and a better finished product. Don’t rely solely on code or the building inspector, who typically works for the house and not for you. Trust Bears Home Inspection, LLC to make sure your home is built to the highest standard of quality. Remember building code is like getting a D, we do our best to make sure your home is built like getting an A. Our motto is “EXPERIENCE MATTERS!”

Project and Contractor Oversight Services

Our inspector will oversee and coordinate the different aspects of your home renovation or other construction project to ensure that you get the best work out of your contractor, and make sure that your project is completed on schedule and according to your specifications and contract.

New Construction Phase Inspections

Our inspector will perform several assessments of your new home as it's being built. These include a foundation inspection, a pre-drywall inspection, and a final inspection when construction is completed. We will also perform up to two spot inspection prior to the final inspection. These phase inspections will ensure that your home is being built to industry standards, and catch any deficiencies before they become problems later in the building process.

Builder's Warranty Inspection

This is a comprehensive evaluation of the interior and exterior of your new home and its major systems and components, which is conducted during the !l'h month of your occupancy - before the builder's one-year warranty expires - so that you don't have to go out of pocket for the repair of covered items. Our inspector is a Certified 11th Month Warranty Inspector.

Final Walk-Through Inspection

The Final walk-through is one of the most important aspects of the home-buying process. Our inspector can evaluate the property's condition before the closing date. Your report will help you resolve any issues that the seller may have failed to address, including negotiated repairs and/or improvements. Our inspector can also confirm that any repairs or upgrades done after the initial home inspection were completed properly.

Custom Services

Our OverSeeit inspector can also be hired to perform home inspections and other types of specialty inspection and testing services.

Project and Contractor Oversight Starting Price Up To 1400 Sq. Ft. Phase Inspections

Foundation / Pour Inspection – $240

  • Grading, Water Shedding, Swale, Former Boards for Level & Plumb
  • Beams and Pads Post, Tension Cables. Rebar Sitting Mid-level
  • Plumbing, Separation Between Plumbing and Rebar All Plumbing Stacks Are Capped
  • Vapor Barrier, Main Drain Line

Pre-Drywall Inspection – $390

  • Masonry Block / Zip System, Window Flashing, Mechanical Systems, HVAC System, Plumbing, Drains, Electrical, Truss System & Framing Members, Garage, Lots & Grounds

Spot Inspection I Inspection – $175

  • Interior covering, If on site, Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets, Doors, Windows, Patio/Lanai/Pool

Spot Inspection II Inspection – $175

  • Exterior Coverings, Lots & Grounds, Roof Covering, If on site, Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets, Doors, Windows, Moulding/Trim, Pool and Equipment

Final Walk-Through Inspection – $400

  • A full comprehensive Home Inspection (with a summary of deficiencies if found), Including Infrared Thermal Imaging, Assessment of conditions, Inspection of all integrated appliances (if in place), Verification of attic insulation, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Lots & Grounds, Lanai, Pool & Equipment

Builders Warranty Inspection – 11th Month Warranty – $400

  • A full comprehensive Home Inspection, All systems assessed, Lots & Grounds, Roof Covering, Interior & Exterior Coverings

Custom Services – Pricing Based On Service Provided

  • Environmental testing, Mold, Moisture, Indoor Air Quality Testing, Infrared Thermography, Lawn Irrigation,
    Repair Verification, Wind Mitigation, 4-Point Inspection, Roof Certification, Storm Damage Assessment, Tenant
    In Place Inspection, Move-In/Move Out Rental Inspection

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