Home Watch Services

Experience Matters!

Home Watch Services

Let Us Watch Your Home!

Our Certified Master Inspector (CMI) is a former law enforcement officer from NYC, and who better to keep an eye on your home. 

Whether you are a Snowbird or a Floridian vacationing, Bears Home Inspection, LLC can customize a plan to keep your investment safe with routine checks to ensure the health and safety of your home.

Services Provided

  • Scheduled checks of the property’s exterior/interior, doors, windows, laundry, refrigerators, gates
  • Check mailbox and discard junk mail to include fliers and newspapers
  • Check exterior and interior lighting
  • Visually check for insects and pests
  • Removal of expired food
  • Visual inspections of all plumbing for leaks
  • Flush all toilets and run all sinks and garbage disposal
  • Check thermostat, ensure AC is operational
  • Thermal imaging to detect moisture penetration and mold
  • Security evaluation on each inspection visit
  • Reset security system upon departure
  • Additional checks to be added based on client requirement
  • Emails to include updates and photos


  • Weekly: $30
  • Bi-Weekly: $60
  • Monthly: $110

*Customized plans are available to fit your needs.

Home Inspection Property Reports

Using State Of The Art

Our Home Inspection Report will be provided to the client same day or within 24 hrs using Palm-Tech Inspection Software to include clear color photos, thermal imaging, detailed easy to read and understand with a summary of conclusions.

We highly recommend for ALL home inspections a Certified WDO/Termite Inspection by a Certified Pest Control Inspector!