Annual Home Inspection

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Annual Home Inspection

Maintaining A Healthy Home

An annual home inspection gives you the information you need to prevent small problems from becoming large and costly to repair.
By reviewing and servicing major systems in your home, you can avoid costly repairs and also extend the useful life of expensive items like your roof, heating/cooling system, septic system, private well equipment, etc. 

Services Provided

  • Roof | Attic:
    A complete roof and attic inspection to include roof covering, roof deck, soffit, venting system and electrical components.  
  • Structural:
    Inspection of the exterior for major defects.
  • HVAC System:
    Thermal imaging to detect temperature flow and functional condition of the central air conditioning system.
  • Plumbing:
    Including hot water storage tanks, sinks, traps, showers, tubs and toilet.
  • Electrical:
    Includes service panel with Thermal Image and GFCI receptacles.
  • Laundry Room:
    Includes plumbing, drains, shut off valves and dryer vent.


  • $150: for existing clients with prior home inspection
  • $175: for new clients
  • $130: annual contracts for new and existing clients

Home Inspection Property Reports

Using State Of The Art

Our Home Inspection Report will be provided to the client same day or within 24 hrs using Palm-Tech Inspection Software to include clear color photos, thermal imaging, detailed easy to read and understand with a summary of conclusions.

We highly recommend for ALL home inspections a Certified WDO/Termite Inspection by a Certified Pest Control Inspector!